Week 2 Picks

All predicted scores are merely estimates. Give or take 4 points in either direction



TB 16 Car 20

Yes Tampa won and Carolina loss. I think Tampa is improved, but they won against a week Cleveland offense after trailing 14-3. Carolina actually was in the game against the Giants until Matt Moore threw three redzone picks to look like Delhomme 2.0. Tampa's Defense although improved I think isn't quite like the Giants. I think the Panthers get back to business, and play Defense and Running. Tampa will likely make it close. It should be low scoring, but the Panthers should edge them barely.

KC 19 Cle 10

Cleveland has Joshua Cribbs. After that, who else is a legitimate threat? Players after signing a contract tend to fade away. Meanwhile Kansas City has that young talented Defense and Dexter McCluster, two stud running backs, and a developing receiving corp. I know Cleveland is at home, and many have them to win, but because of the talent rising up, I think this is one of those road wins this week.


Arz 14 Atl 27

We should bounce back in this one, and perhaps score at least this many points.  Asides from the Buffalo game, when was the last time we scored 30 plus points?


NO 38 SF 24

Apparently New Orleans Defense is the same and they are missing playmaker Darren Sharper. Despite them getting players back from injury they still look rusty. In SF loss to Sea, they gave up a lot of points and Seattle exploited their secondary and Alex Smith threw some picks. Like the two cat teams, I think the Niners didn't come ready to play, and they will be more prepared. Unfortunately Drew Brees has had success against the Niners Secondary and you know what Matt Ryan did against them last year. I think this game is a shoot out. Too bad I won't be able to watch it live because of work.


Mia 16 Min 14

The vikings didn't impress me and even with Farve they are still without some receivers, and AP can be shutdown. The Dolphins defense I think is a little improved, and if the Vikings couldn't score 10 points against a bad Saints Defense, imagine how much more they'll struggle against a better defense. Dolphins had trouble scoring against Buffalo, so I presume the same here, a low scoring affair.


Buf 9 GB 31

Buffalo's Strength, like Carolina is their Secondary. And we know their offense is one of the worse in the league. The only way Green Bay losses is if Aaron Rodgers doesn't play at all or throughout or doesn't play well by throwing picks.


Chi 10 Dal 24

The Bears don't seems like they found their rhythm and struggled against one of the worse teams from last year although improve and barely won it. The Cowboys Defense and Secondary can make plays which means a long day for Jay Cutler. If Culter throws less that 3 picks he's had a good day. But either way, the Cowboys struggling offense wins by default.


Sea 17 Den 20

This is an interesting matchup. The winner and loser of this game will show their true colors. Denver had a disappointing lost last week and expect them to bounce back. Seattle may have been the benefit of a bad Niner performance, but I maybe underrating Seattle. I give the Seahawks a chance, maybe they even blow out Denver, but I need some hard evidence that they are consistently good. In the meantime I'll say Denver wins.


Bal 14 Cin 24

The Bengals just seem to match up well against the Ravens. It's early in the season, the teams are the most healthy. Last year they contained the Ravens offense and held them to 21 points, and should do a tad better this year.

The Jets held them to just 10 points but don't have an offense, the Bengals do. The Patriots are a strong offense and made and aberration of the Bengals defense. Look for them to bounce back this game.


Pit 13 Ten 9

Tennessee I think is a good team, but pittsburgh is even better with that Defense and a pretty good QB in Dixon. We saw him last week. The Titans were the benefit of a weak offense of the Raiders. When a game becomes no competition, you tend to blow them out later. The Raiders actually suppressed the Titans for a bit but lost there way. Look for the Steelers to continue that for 60 mins. The only way the Steelers lose is if they beat themselves



I have no guess in this one.  I'll try to record it on my DVR


NE 33 NYJ 13

I dranked the Jets Kool Aid hard, and it bit back. It's a classic example of any team with a Stellar superior defense (even better than the Ravens at times) all doesn't matter if you can't score. I'm not sure if and how they Jets will improve from this, but they are play New England. And they look like they are back with a vengence. The Pats can exploit any good defense, and you saw what they did to the Bengals and us. Now maybe the Jets have an easier time scoring because the Pats defense doesn't look that great. But I expect the Pats to score early and often that it gets the Jets out of their game plan and two straight losses at home...ouch. Maybe the Jets find a way to win this one but at this time I don't see it.


Jax 16 SD 23

Jaguars Played good enough to win against Denver. I had them to lose that game. But now I think the Jaguars will be a pretty good team. They seem to be the opposite of the 2008 Jaguars. They can win close games...or was Denver a bad team. This might be a closer game than you think. The Chargers are known for slow starts. It was this time last year the Chargers lost at home to the Ravens. But I think the Chargers 2-4 (or whatever their record will be by week 6) start gets a win here.


Hou 21 WSH 17

I know the Redskins beat the Cowboys. But really the Cowboys beat themselves. The Redskins still struggle on offense. They may have more success against the Texans at home, but the Texans offense is almost unstoppable with Arian Foster who should have another big day. They said the Cowboys RBs got 5 plus yard per carry, but you know Jason Garrett. He likes to chuck it. But don't forget Matt Schaub Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels. Maybe the Texans score more than 21 points. But for the moment I'll give the Redskins defense some credit.


Stl 16 Oak 13

I dranked the Raiders Kool Aid hard, but it bit back. (Wait didn't I just say that earlier?). Raiders still got some work on offense.The Rams barely loss last week and had a chance to win, but didn't. The Raiders offense is terrible, but the Rams aren't much better, but they are better, and the Raiders don't win games early in the season often. I think Bradford gets his first win here and start stephen jackson in fantasy.


Phi 19 Det 20

Vick looked good against the Packers, and should do well here. But I think the Lions may be underrated, and I'm going crazy here on a limb and say the Lions Defense hold. Remember what the Lions did to Vick last time he played them. Shaun Hill isn't that bad of a QB and nearly led them to a come back last week on the road.

Lions should be determined to win now. Philly is going to have a long season.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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