Off Topic: Writing FanPosts

This site has developed a great community, which continues to grow all the time. It's great to see everyone pitching in and coming up with discussion-worthy FanPosts all the time.

A good FanPost needs a compelling topic and room for others to respond. Let's take a moment to reflect on the other basic things any good piece of writing needs:

  • Paragraphs: This is what text without line breaks feels like. Break your writing up into paragraphs to make it digestible, skimmable, and coherent. A line break after every new idea is a decent rule of thumb. Every three to seven sentences is another. Whatever it takes, please break your writing into more than one paragraph. If you're making a list, try using bullets (like so).
  • Spelling: Spellcheck is the last button on the right in the display above your text entry field. The ABC with a checkmark. Go nuts with it.
  • Capitalization: Capitalize sentences, cities, teams, players, and so forth. You learned this in second grade for a reason. It makes everything much, much easier to read. And please, please title words in the title of your post.

Don't let this post make you hesitant to share your writing. We have some younger guys among us, so I realize not everything is going to be ready for the New York Times. That's fine! We don't need perfect. You can follow these and still use emotion, slang, humor, stats, links, or anything else. These are just some very simple conventions that you can absolutely handle.

This isn't directed at anybody in particular. It's good for all of us to refresh on these things every now and then. I've worked as a writing tutor and book editor, so this stuff drives me way crazier than it should. Please let me save my crazy for failed third down stops.

Side note: One of my tasks at SB Nation Atlanta is to curate the FanPosts from around all of our Atlanta blogs. I can promote any FanPost to the front page of SBN ATL. They tend to almost always come from Dawg Sports and Talking Chop. Look at those sites to see what people are turning out, if you like. I'd love to be able to promote more from our site. Paying attention to this kind of stuff can really take a piece of writing to the next level -- literally, in this case.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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