Comcast Draft Profiles: Kerry Meier Edition

As announced previously in this space, Comcast has generously agreed to support the best NFL community around -- us!  As part of that effort, between now and the end of the 2010 NFL season Comcast will be sponsoring a variety of special editorial and interactive features on our site. 

We're doing the draft in reverse, with the aid of Comcast's new magical draft reversal machine. Have you had your Comcast today, sir?

Today's draft pick is fifth round compensation pick Kerry Meier, he of the awesome mustache and the Kansas pedigree. After the jump, find out the vitals.

Name: Kerry Meier

Age: 23

College: Kansas

Nickname: Space Cowboy. But some people call him Maurice.

2010 Role: Backup wide receiver and special teams helper

Reminds Us Faintly Of: Brian Finneran, Terry Glenn without the draft position or crazy off-the-field issues.

Why He's Good: Exceedingly sure-handed. Tough kid both mentally and physically. Insanely productive in college. Deceptive speed in small bursts. Has a reputation as an intelligent player. As a possession receiver, fits a need for the Falcons. May be able to play quarterback in a handful of sets. Always aware of where the ball is. Runs crisp routes.

Why He's Not: Lacks top-flight or even upper echelon speed. May struggle to separate off the line of scrimmage when jammed by savvy cornerbacks, which is less due to strength than the ability to pivot quickly. Not sure what he offers on special teams.

Notable Quotable: "It was unreal having the Atlanta GM call and say ‘we want to take you with the 165th pick and we want you to come out and help us win a championship. It’s hard to put into words."

Bottom Line: The more I read about Kerry Meier, the more I like him. He's never going to blow you away with his athleticism, but he knows how to catch the ball and seems eager to do anything he can to impress the team. He'll prove a valuable piece sooner than later, but I wouldn't dare hazard a guess as to how high he'll make it on the depth chart just yet.

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