This Draft is RIDICULOUS!!!


In a good way. But the vibe I've gotten from a lot of people is that the world is ending.
Guys, he KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING. It's not like he went out and drafted Tyson Alualu, then Dan Lefevour and traded up to get a kicker in round 3.

He made some GOOD picks that make a lot of sense. They were all need-based and there was almost no position of need that went unadressed.  So let's get started, children.

Round 1:  OLB Sean Weatherspoon, Mizzou

Spoon-man! Come together with your... you get it. No surprises here. Everyone loved this guy, and so do I. Described by TD as a "four down linebacker" I can almost guarantee he will be our starting weakside linebacker from day 1, and will be a pro-bowl player for a long time in the NFL. Fills a huge need at a position where Mike Peterson became a liability in pass coverage, and Comrade also said that he would even be able to stay on the field in nickel/dime packages. I give this pick an A+ without a doubt. You know him, you love him. The Spoon.         No scouting report needed.

Round 3:  DT/DE Corey Peters, Kentucky

Okay, this is when some people started panicking. "Who the #$@! is that??" Yes, there were some good wide receivers on the board at this time.
But you know what this pick means?? It obviously means Comrade & Co. have faith that Kroy Biermann/Lawrence Sidbury can get the job done at DE this year and provide a good pass rush, and their confidence in Harry Douglas.

This seems to be a pick made by Mike Smith. We know he loves to use a rotation on the D-line, and after all of last year's injuries Smitty probably realized we were a little thin at the position. He's described as a 3-technique tackle, but he also seems to have enough pass rushing skills to line up at either DE spot. At the very least he provides quality depth and I think we'll see him play a few snaps every game this season, maybe in third and long situations.

Corey Peters Scouting report

Round 3:  OT/OG Mike Johnson, Alabama

This pick makes a lot of sense. Again, I know people were waiting on a WR or an RB, but we do need a LOT of help on the O-line. If Harvey Dahl goes in free agency, he could be ready to start by next season. If not, he could eventually take over for Justin Blalock, who I don't think is going to be the long term answer at guard. 
Alabama had an AMAZING run game last season, and Johnson was a big reason why Ingram won the Heisman. 

A crushing run blocker, he's listed as a guard but apparently has the versatility to play tackle as well.He may not start this year, but give it a year or two and we'll have a solid guy to start on the line for several years.

Mike Johnson scouting report

Round 4:  OG/C Joe Hawley, UNLV

"No wide receiver yet... And Mardy Gilyard was on the board- COME ON TD!!"
Ok I know, but calm down, we need offensive line help too.

No, not Matt Tennant like I thought. He has a BEARD though.  Unfortunately, this guy is so unknown that I could hardly find any sort of scouting report on him. But that does not mean he's a bad pick. It just means he was overlooked. And if there's one word I would use to describe Comrade, it's thorough.
Again, not someone who will make an impact this year, but give it some time and he could be a good starter. Very versatile player just like Johnson, and apparently he can be our long-snapper as well.

Round 5:  CB Dominique Franks, Oklahoma

Yes you called it, Dave, another "smallish corner." Not Brent Grimes small though- 5'11 isn't bad. I am very excited about this pick. He was projected by some to be a late first round/second round pick, so to get him in the fifth round is a HUGE steal. Apparently, in college his stats went down in his junior year  "because the opposition recognized him as the strongest corner on the Sooners team and started to avoid him."

In a pass-happy NFL, and considering we play the Saints twice a year, we could always use depth at CB and we could have found a guy who'll be a good starter a couple years down the road. Definitely a guy who we could see line up in the dime package this year.

Dominique Franks scouting report

Round 5:  WR Kerry Meier, Kansas

"Finally, a wide receiver!! Whoooo!!!". That's what I said, because I had been waiting on one the whole draft. Better late than never. I was a little surprised b/c Carlton Mitchell was on the board, and I was actually really mad at first.    

But the more I look at it, the more I like it. I know he's not a big name guy, probably a reach, and a former quarterback. But he sounds like a possession guy, almost a Wes Welker type, who will definitely contribute this year, and could turn out to be one of those amazing picks that makes TD look like a genius in 2 or 3 years. He certainly has the talent.

Consider him a trick play guy. Possibly will start filling in for the "Finneran role" too. But that also says something about how we'll use Douglas and Weems this year, too.

(Also, this guy has the DIRTIEST mustache I have ever seen!! Seriously, look up a picture of him, it's astounding!)

Kerry Meier scouting report

Round 6:  S Shann Shillinger, Montana

Hey, the last guy we drafted from Montana worked out alright, why shouldn't he?? Mountain man power!!
He will definitely be a solid backup and someone who can contribute on special teams. Not my favorite pick by any measure, but again these late round picks are for 3-4 years down the road, not this year.

UFA:  TE Colin Peek and WR Ryan Wolfe

Colin Peek?? How did this guy go undrafted?? Like what TD did with John Parker Wilson last year, I think we got a quality backup (and maybe even a future starter) at a bargain price.
Wolfe, another UNLV product, was a very productive receiver and it can never hurt to have multiple guys competing at WR.

Overall, it was a pretty good draft. My only criticism is that we didn't get a running back, but given the fact that we re-signed Norwood and Snelling, I doubted we would take one. What I've found from this draft is that Comrade doesn't care about ESPN's Big Board and frankly we shouldn't either.

But seriously guys:  In Comrade We Trust. Next stop Superbowl XLV...

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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