Need vs. Best Available

So we all know that Comrade and Co. have made it clear in the past that they draft based on need rather than take the best player available... While this makes sense at the QB position, I don't feel like there is any position on our roster that couldn't be improved by a 1st rounder... Go ahead and think about it..... I'll wait.


WR... If Jenkins could figure out how to block AND catch in the SAME GAME then this would maybe be a position that would be off limits in round one, but honestly... If you brought Goldent Tate or Thomas, the hometown kid from Tech, they would immediately push for playing time

OL... This is a big need for us whether it be depth, or a true RT... Heck, we don't really even know what we have in Sam Baker yet. The 1st round pick here would be Pouncey without a doubt, as he could play guard while McClure's career winds down

TE... Probably the most unlikely next to QB, as Gonzo has at least 2 years left (fingers crossed!), but we need an heir apparent. Maybe Jimmy Graham from the U a la Antonio Gates...

RB... Also not likely, but if we DID draft a speed guy that could move around in the backfield and play in the slot like Noel Devine, it would without a doubt add to our offense

CB... OK, we overpayed for Robinson, but we frontloaded his contract in a year with no salary cap so I can forgive bc we NEEDED him badly... But we can't stop there folks! You're telling me that if Haden slips, which is doubtable, no one in the draft room is going to talk about him?! Even if he's gone, there will STILL be discussion about Devin McCourtey (!) and Kyle Wilson at 19...

OLB... Sean Weatherspoon > Mike Peterson... NEXT!

DT... Still a need, I don't care what anyone says... if it was a need last year, then all we added was Jerry, and all the potential in the world doesn't  sure up a position of need... It's unlikely, but I could see a guy like Brian Price coming in a playing very well, after all, competition breeds talent best of all.

DE... I don't think there's much need for discussion on why we need a DE in the 1st round...


OK... So my point is that there are positions of  "need" all over our roster and the guys in the draft room certainly shouldn't limit our options to DE or OLB... That being said, they get paid a lot of money to do their job, so Im sure they have all the bases covered, but its still worth talking about...

What do you think??

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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