Looking Back: Past Drafts

Once again, it is almost that time of year:  draft season.  We hear a million different analyses and scouting reports on hundreds of players, a select group of whom will become future stars, and a large group who will not even make a tiny splash at the next level.  But for all the analysis that is done, you just can't pick which teams are the "winners" and 'losers' on draft day the day after, because almost every pick seems good at the time.  Oakland taking Jamarcus Russell seemed like a logical choice, but now we (or at least the people who didn't see it coming) realize that having a rocket arm and being athletic doesn't mean anything if you can't aim it 10 yards down the field.  Teams that draft well (Pats, Colts, Eagles) are usually perennial winners, wheras teams that don't (Lions, Raiders, Rams) are perennial losers.  So now I think is an appropriate time to look back on our past draft picks and see who was a steal and who was a bust.  I will begin with the...


2004 Draft:

Rd. 1                         CB Meangelo Hall
Rd. 1                         WR Michael Jenkins
Rd. 3                         QB Matt Schaub
Rd.4                          LB Demorrio Williams
Rd. 5                         DT Chad Lavalais
Rd. 6                         WR Etric Pruitt
Rd. 7                         RB Quincy Wilson

Hall seemed like a good pick.  Until we realized what a terrible teammate and average player he was.  Ok, I'll give him credit, he was pretty good for a few years, but again I stress the "terrible teammate" quality.  Jenkins is the only one still on the team, and needs to step it up this season. But honestly at this point he's not ever going to be a big threat at wideout.  Demorrio started for a few years and looked promising too, but for the most part was average. 
And then we have Matt Schaub- he just came off of a year where he had over 4000 yards passing, and I'm pretty sure we traded him to Houston for a 4th round pick. Hmm, the Falcons trade away a QB they drafted and he goes on to be a star.  Where have I heard this before?... Oh ya, Brett Favre.   Grade:  C-

2005 Draft:

Rd. 1, pick 27           WR Roddy White
Rd. 2                          DT Jonathan Babineaux
Rd. 3                          LB Jordan Beck
Rd. 4                          DE Chauncey Davis
Rd. 5                          OLB Michael Boley
Rd. 5                          OT Frank Omiyale
Rd. 6                          RB Deandra Cobb
Rd. 7                          DT Darrell Shropshire

 After two years of looking like a bust, Roddy White suddenly came alive for a 1200+ yard '07 season, and was a lone bright spot on a team riddled with problems.  Babineaux has turned out to be an excellent pick, and looks like a guy who will be a top-tier DT for more seasons to come.  Boley looked a star in the making, but for some reason he just sort of fell off the map right before he was supposed to have his breakout year.  Good picks in Roddy and Babs, and Davis has been a contributor. All things considered, a very productive draft.  Grade:  B+

2006 Draft:

Rd. 2, pick 5                 S  Jimmy Williams
Rd. 3, pick 15               RB Jerious Norwood
Rd. 5, pick 6                 G Quinn Ojinnaka
Rd. 6, pick 15               WR Adam Jennings
Rd. 7, pick 15               QB DJ Shockley

Wow, looking at this draft makes me not too fondly remember the Mora days... (I hear he's coaching high school now.  Good fit)  Jimmy Williams had the word "bust" written on his forehead from day one. Anothere Virginia Tech player to fail us.  Norwood is clearly not the answer as a secondary running back, and Jennings and Shockley aren't on the team anymore.  Ojinnaka is a backup who provides depth on the O-line, but other than that I think we can safely dub the 2006 draft a failure. Grade:  D

2007 Draft:

Rd. 1, pick 8                DE Jamaal Anderson
Rd. 2, pick 7                 G Justin Blalock
Rd. 2, pick 9                CB Chris Houston
Rd. 3, pick 11              WR Laurent Robinson
Rd. 4, pick 10              OLB Stephen Nicholas
Rd. 4, pick 34               TE Martrez Milner
Rd. 6, pick 11               DT Trey Lewis
Rd. 6, pick 20                CB David Irons
Rd. 6, pick 24                C Doug Datish
Rd. 6, pick 29               S Daren Stone
Rd. 7, pick 34                 RB Jason Snelling

More picks means more success, right??
Wrong.  Out of 11 drafted players, only 5 are still on the team, and that includes JA who is bleh, and Justin Blalock who is meh (are we calling that "Houston" now?).  We did however find a good starter in Nicholas, and two quality backups in Lewis and Snelling.
Oh, and that pick we got from Houston for Matt Schaub?? That pick turned into Martrez Milner. Not exactly what I would call a fair trade.  Grade:  C+

2008 Draft:

Rd. 1, pick 3                QB Matty Ice
Rd. 1, pick 21              OT Sam Baker
Rd. 2                             LB Curtis Lofton
Rd. 3                             CB Chevis Jackson
Rd. 3                             WR Harry HD Douglas
Rd. 3                             S Thomas Decoud
Rd. 5                             LB Robert James
Rd. 5                             DE Duffburger
Rd. 6                             RB Thomas Brown
Rd. 7                             CB Wilrey Fontenot
Rd. 7                             TE Keith Zinger

It's a little early to evaluate this draft b/c I feel like these guys can stil get a lot better.  But we have future pereniall pro-bowlers in Ice and Lofton, and starters in Baker and DeCoud.  Duffburger and Douglas should also have good seasons next season, and both Jackson and Zinger are still on the roster in reserve roles and show promise. I guess more picks does mean more success when you have the right GM- Comrade has worked his magic.  Grade:  A+

2009 Draft:  Considering all the injuries last season, I think its way too early to grade the 09 draft class, but I have good feelings about Jerry, C4, Owens, and Sidbury for sure. But especially look for big things from the '08 draft class- I expect those guys to be big contributors when the Falcons make their big run next season.

So, give me your feedback. My question for you guys is:  If you could do-over one Falcons draft pick, which one would it be?? Let me know what you guys think.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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