Brotherbrown ---> Indefinate leave of absence

Although I've been sitting on this for a few weeks, that MNF loss to the Saints kinda did it in for me.  [Like my life something that should have happened (win 13 and me having my depression solved) but simply didn't]

All year I've been suffering through a depression and I've looked to the Falcoholic and Falcons football to help me through.

It has aided me, but my problems still remain.   Now I feel I must focus my life on other priorities and recreation as for some reason I seem to be having a decreased interest in NFL Football altogether.

I don't want to become another Bravesfan2010 about the Falcons, as that loss seems to remind me that ultimately these are the same ole Falcons that can't win the big game.  Even in the MS TD era, the Falcons have failed to defeat the Saints 4/6 times, the Patriots, the Steelers and the Eagles, Four elite (and more consistent) franchises, and they often have lost badly to these teams, ensuring me that at least this season, they won't be getting over THAT hump.  Why of all times they can't score more than 7 points on offense against one of the leagues worse run defenses and somewhat mediocre pass defense, and can't put more than one sack on Brees, at home, with a full strength offense and go 0-5 on MNF on ESPN all time is inexplicable and inexcusable to me.

I admire was Dave Choate has going on this site and the efforts and contents he brings to us all, however I haven't been fond of some of the newer bloggers that have joined this site.  Although I'm not a Michael Vick fan, I'm disdained at certain bloggers that continues to criticize him as a dogkiller and a evil human being when in fact it seems to me that MV7 has or is at least valiantly trying his damndest to be an improved human being.  Like PETA I feel that these bloggers are teaching hate and self promotion of ego.

The unneccessary need of approval from Peter King and Trent Dilfer when they are both known as not good analyst, still continues to remind me of my own problems.

I think I'm looking for a different culture and identity at this point.

I won't be checking back for any comments to this posting until maybe a year or two for now.

Thanks for your hospitality fellas.  Take care.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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