Worst Case Scenario vs Panthers: Epilogue

The Falcons now stand at 12-3 atop of the NFC as we take on the Panthers at the Georgia Dome, so we bring you officially our 10th post in our Best Case/Worst Case evaluation of this week’s matchup. Show us some love and rec both of our posts.

This is the 2nd part of Turner_The_Burner's post Best Case Scenario vs. Panthers. See it here

Flipping it to the Panthers

As it has been said here I’m going to play the devil’s advocate here and speak about where the Panthers can hurt us bad. A win here will mean we clinch the number 1 seed and are division champions. So the worst case scenario for the Falcons is – Stewart runs wild, Injuries occur and the nuclear holocaust.


Stewart Runs Wild:Last game against our Falcons, Jonathan Stewart ran for 133 yards to help contribute to a 212 running day against the Falcons. The week before LeGarrette Blount rushed for 103 yards with Tampa getting 151 yards on the ground. In the last 2 weeks we have reduced the running yards allowed, with 91 yards against the Seahawks and 72 yards against the Saints.


Stewart is an explosive runner who is able to hurt us as shown by our last encounter. But he is helped by Mike Goodson, another runner for the Panthers who we gave up 70 yards and a touchdown to last time out. Now Jimmy Clausen and the passing game shows no real threat to us as he threw for 107 yards and a pick on 14 of 24 attempts. If we focus on the running game we should stuff their offense entirely.



Injuries:As most of you would agree, an injury to a key player would be devastating. Michael Turner, Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzalez and Roddy White on the offense and Curtis Lofton, John Abraham and Jonathan Babineaux on defense are all people we can’t afford to have get injured. To be fair I can’t think of a situation where I wouldn’t be nervous if a starter got injured. After the half, if we are up by a good enough margin, I would like to rest some or all of those players just to be safe. I trust Redman, I trust Davis, and I trust Wire and Peele to rise up against the Panthers if their number is called to play.


I don’t want to seem arrogant or naïve but I do believe this game is an easy win for us, we shouldn’t have any trouble beating this team and locking up home field advantage for the playoffs. I just don’t want Ryan to get hurt in a game where we are already up by 20. Mike Smith be smart and if given the opportunity rest our key players.



Nuclear Holocaust: This is called the WORST case scenario, but each and every time I talk about how bad it would be if we get beaten in the passing game ect. Frankly they are bad but not the worst case, so for the final regular season game prepare as I explain the horrors of a real worst case scenario.




Shortly before the kickoff of the game nuclear missiles start dropping around the globe due to sudden, albeit severe political disputes between every country ever. After mere hours most of the world is covered in ruins and almost everyone is dead. The few who took the advice from the various signs of the upcoming war and hid in underground shelters, survive but life is not the same. Not only has technology been severely reduced but order has reduced to small clans following their own rules, this causes fights, gang wars and chaos (almost as quickly as this). Not only is there no Atlanta Falcons, there is no NFL and no TV and also no Trent Dilfer (he was the first person to die, he died in the most horrific way possible, so horrific I cannot describe it otherwise I would be breaking 6 federal laws). Healthy food and water is in high demand as little was unaffected by the bombs and subsequent nuclear radiation. It’s a kill or be killed world where people’s survival is the number 1 priority. Down in Australia however we are fine, especially in Perth because it’s so far away from everywhere else no one really cared to bomb it.




Now that we have covered real worst case scenarios we can now focus back on the Falcons.



That is all for the analysis for this week. Comment with your opinion and any other scenarios you think are appropriate. Winning seasons are fun, but so is being the number 1 seed in the NFC and all we need is one more win. So finally good luck to the Falcons and I hope they get a comfortable win to keep on their winning ways.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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