The Best NFC Rivalry Part II! Here We Go Again!

Well here we are!  Can't believe we're a week away from the Monday night countdown.   Heck week 3 seems like yesterday!   I realize time really does fly when you turn 40.   It's been a crazy yet stressful season.  A different season from 2009 for both teams.   Falcons have much improved from last season.  And a healthy Matt Ryan and Michael Turner has made ya'll incredibly dangerous this season.  


 At first I thought you guys were getting very lucky breaks. But then I realize, there's no luck about it.  Looking at the Data, I notice you very seldom get any penalties,  only a couple here and there.   Playing with consistency by running the ball very well every game.  Matt Ryan completing passes on 3rd down etc.    Your offense is not flashy by any means, but it sure has worn opposing defenses down and knows how to move the chains and eat up the clock.  And it's finding ways to finish games with a win.  


 Another thing I notice is: when the other teams makes mistakes, the Falcons capitalize very well.   The last game for instance...Saints had 3 costly turnovers and allowed over 200 yards rushing and I think TOP was 40 mins to 20.   Yet we still brought that game into OT but fell short.   I'm not gonna blame the chip shot for losing that game. (yet was very unfortunate)  Field Goal misses happen.  We could have won that game yes.  Should we have won that game? No, not even close.   


  The similarities between the Saints and Falcons is: they are both very good teams.   Different styles.   Saints are flashy like the Air Force and gamblers.   Falcons are a grinding team that wears out defenses.    Question is: How do we stop your running game?


  There's a reason why you're 12-2 and we're 10-4.    Saints have shot themselves in the foot by turnovers, mistakes penalties.   Falcons have made very minimal mistakes,  very few turnovers and penalties. 


  It will be a wild thrilling match up on Monday night!    Hope we can pull off a win, but I know it will be very tough. 



Question is: Will there be a Part III deep in the playoffs?  Remains to be seen.


 Let's have a heck of a great game!




<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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