What the Bucs Fans Think of our Matchup

I looked over at Bucs Nation and found this article

I thought it might be interesting to see how they views us and what they think they will beat us on. I figured I would make a response for Falcons Fans to raise a few point of interest.

Ok from what it sounds like the Bucs fans are most fearful of our running game soley because of their poor front 7 and not because of Turnelling. However they focus on the passing game because it seems that will be a major decider for them.

On to the passing match-up. They don't respect Jenkins at all. They don't he is a good player or a proper # 2 WR.

Jenkins is listed as 2nd and is far from good.

How I wish Jenkins will burn them this game, if only for this game just to show them he isn't someone to ignore. They believe he can't get open and can't catch the ball. However they are scared of Roddy White it seems and they think they will move Cody Grimm, their better pass defending Safety across to cover on Whites side of the field to cover the long pass and move Jones to the other side which, according to them, would take him out of the immediate run stopping game. They also have a problem deciding what to do with Tony G thinking that Ruud may take that job.

It seems like they are going to always have a giant gap in there team. They don't seem to have the talent/results in the defensive line that they will trust to stop or to hold up Turner so that other players can get in and help. They need their LB's to watch for the run but obviously need to cover Tony G as well. I think if we use allot of play action passes we can fool their LB's into leaving Gonzalez open so he can get some good yards. Also with a play action we might be able to pull their safety Jones out of position and a speedy Jenkins might be able to break for a couple long passes. If that happens I doubt Jones will make the mistake again and we can hit them for some big runs. Unfortunately this all lies in Mike Mularkey, he need to have a variety of plays in which he alternates between play action, run and long bomb. There will be holes, we just need to exploit them.

Moving on to our Pass Defense. 1stly they don't respect Robinson as our number 1 CB. I wish we could play the Bengals again but with Robinson just to show how much of a difference he makes, he has given up some big plays on occasion but he has been fairly stingy with the yards he gives up from memory. They also don't like any of our safeties....why don't they respect any of our players? Also their stat of Atlanta is 31st against the #1 WR according to FO. Take away the last 2 weeks and based on our 1st 5 games we were alot better, again thanks to Robinson!

Finally they don't have a good special teams and they think ours is allot better... well lets not mention the punt blocked for TD's, LaRod Stephens-Howling's kickoff return TD that was taken back or Lance Moore's return to the what, the 5 yards line? But if they have a bad special teams then I'm hoping a good day for Eric Weems.

  1. Lastly they have done a comparison for each of the positions now maybe I'm a bias Falcons fan but they have sold us short with these match ups.They think our WR situation is equal... when you are wanting to re-arrangingyour defense to cover Roddy White it doesn't seem equal when your number 1 WR is a rookie, sure he is good but I would be happy to leave Robinson one on one with Mike Williams, not with Roddy.
  2. They are calling out TE's equal.... really?
  3. They think they have better DB's. You take away Aqib Talib and that back 7 wouldn't seem nearly as good as it is. Now we havent had Robinson for the last 2 games and we have been burned in the air because of it. I accept they have good DB's but I think the stats don't paint the whole picture, you just wait.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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