The Big Board: Wide Receiver Edition

Is it a little early?? Maybe. But given that the college football regular season is over, and that all is left are conference championships and bowl games, I though that I would do a series of posts on some of this years potential draftees. These rankings are a composite of a few different sites, plus my own opinion. So, let's look at wideouts:
(**= Junior)

1- AJ Green**
6'4, 212 lbs

If you follow UGA football whatsoever, even watched only one game, you know who this guy is.  Definitely the best skill position player in the draft, possibly the best overall player that is draft eligible right now. He's fast, physical, great hands, and great route running. Unfortunately, he's also probably going to the Panthers or some other awful team. If only...

2- Michael Floyd
6'3, 227 lbs
Notre Dame

Injuries have been a problem throughout his career, but has always had great physical tools and was very productive while at Notre Dame.  A great all-around receiver.  Might fall in the draft b/c of those injury concerns, which means the Falcons have a chance at nabbing him. But, again, there are several other WR-needy teams out there, and I'm predicting a Falcons draft pick in the 30's.

3- Julio Jones**
6'4, 220 lbs

A very productive receiver in the very run-heavy, ball control style offense that Alabama runs. A big, physical receiver with great size that is excellent at making plays after the catch (like a Terrell Owens).  One problem is that he does drop the ball on occassion, but he should still be a mid-first rounder.  Could very likely end up being better than Floyd if he can work on mantaining control of the ball. Wouldn't necessarily be a good fit for the Falcons, however, as we already have large, "physical" receivers in Michael Jenkins and Tony G.

4- Jonathan Baldwin**
6'5, 230 lbs

He pretty much looks like what you would expect a Pitt receiver to look like, that being HUGE.  Not very well known, he has produced in an offense that lacks a big-time quarterback or other top recruits around him, and has the size and speed to be a great NFL wideout. Alot like Julio Jones, although with a far worse quarterback, so he has some pretty good upside. Not exactly what the Falcons need though, unless we want him to eventually replace Jenks.

5- Ryan Broyles**
5'11, 183 lbs

The Sooner wideout and junior Broyles is one of those guys who will probably be overlooked. He doesn't have great size, and doesn't have an "elite" 40-time (4.51), but personally I think that is an over-used, overrated stat. Broyles has what people call "field speed." He's a guy who makes catches, is dynamic, and has big-play ability. (He also returns punts, which is a plus).
He's projected as a late first-round/early second-round pick.  If the Falcons go WR in the 1st, I think either Broyles or Baldwin are our guys (of course, this would also mean that we've given up on Jenks/HD, which I'm not so sure the front office is ready to do yet).

Other WR's of note:

6- Terrence Tolliver, 6'5 204 lbs, LSU
7- Chris Owusu, 6'2 202 lbs, Stanford **Junior
8- Austin Pettis, 6'3 203 lbs, Boise State
9- Leonard Hankerson, 6'3 205 lbs, Miami
10- Devier Posey, 6'2 213 lbs, Ohio State **Junior

Final Verdict:  The Falcons will most likely wait. There's a huge drop-off in talent after Green/Jones/Floyd, and quality wideouts can usually be found in the 2nd/3rd/4th rounds anyway.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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