Falcons Favorable Schedules

When the schedule came out for this 2010 season.  The majority of us were in favor of it primarily for most the potential cold weather games were early in the season by week six when it's warmer.

We fared 1-2.

We beat a good Jets team in New Jersey the snow (although it wasn't snowing and it was plowed before the game) in 2009 that went to the AFC Championship and took the SuperBowl runners up to the brink on the road.  Ryan fighting an injury, no Michael Turner (except one play), Defense still a questionmark among other issues.

Got our third straight win in Tampa that was on a two game winning streak beating the saints and seahawks when it was cold their. (Coldest game in RJS history 38F)

I think it's safe to say cold weather does not affect this team.


But for what it's worth, you want to see how other seasons when for us?

In 2007 we also faced the NFC West visiting Arizona and St Louis.  Mild and Dome games.  Hot Jacksonville and Warm Tennessee.  Domed New Orleans, Balmy Tampa Mildly chilly maybe Carolina and Domed Minneapolis.

We only won 1 road game that year and that was Carolina...perhaps the coldest road game (63F),


2008 our road games were Oakland San Diego Philly New Orleans Tampa Carolina Green Bay and Minnesota.

GB TB and CAR were all by week 5 when it's warmer.

Oakland and San Diego are usually at least Mild.  December we did not play a single game outside. and SD and OAK were our previous road games in Nov with a three game homestand in the middle.  Philadelphia was just before November.  GB was the Coldest game we did win that one...barely.  Oak and Phi tied with second coldest at 63F we were 1-1 thanks to a muffed punt (allegely) and a shutout in the other.  2008 really had a favorable weather schedule for Atlanta.

2009 we had the Jets 29F and a rare cold Tampa Bay game 38F but one those.  Our annual three game nov home stand going 1-2 (2-1 in 08 and 3-0 in '10) @Car 73F and @NYG 53F in mid nov were both losing efforts.


For 2011 our Schedule (without the exact dates yet) Looks like this:

visiting Indy, Detroit, New Orleans, Houston, NFC West (maybe the Rams at worse Seattle), <--- all domed teams except SEA, Carolina, Tampa, Chicago.

The only game that might scare you is Chicago.  Carolina and Tampa the Falcons are familiar with and probably won't be colder than 40F at any point.  The other games will be inside plus our 8 games at home (unless Goodell wants us in London or anywhere outside the US).  So Basically if we can get Chicago by Mid November we shouldn't have to worry too much about frigid temperatures.

in 2005 we had the Bears on the road and it was 12F and a minus-3 wind chill..  That didnt' work out well (I actually think the Falcons played pretty well, just couldn't keep the offense on the field) and that was during the Vick Mora Era, we are a different team now.  That next week in Tampa also didn't work when it was much warmer 55F

So as you can see guys the weather schedule is going to favor us throughout the 2011 season

If you haven't feel asleep after reading this you may comment below...OR NOT (Alkior)

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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