Falcons-Rams Series History



This is a continuation of the weekly series that covers the Falcons 2010 opponent history. This week, the Rams.


The series started back in 1966, when the Falcons entered the NFL, and would continue to play each other every season through 2001. The Rams lead the all time series, 47-25-2. The Rams were the first regular season opponent for the Falcons on 9/11/66, with the Rams winning, 19-14, and other than two ties, the Rams would win every game until 1972, where the Falcons finally broke through with a 31-3 pasting.

The series for the most part has been one-sided, with a lot of one-sided games, 59-0 Rams in 1976 for one. More memorable games include the 1978 MNF game at the ATL, when Tim Mazzetti kicked five field goals in a 15-7 victory. 1980 saw a great finish to an otherwise dull game when Steve Bartkowski was able to get out of a 3rd and 37 in the fourth to hit Alfred Jenkins (I believe) with just a little more than two minutes left, for a 13-10 victory, which really got the birds going that year.

1984 finally saw the Falcons win one in the L.A. area with a 30-28 victory Thanks to Mick Luckhurst FG as time ran out. Most of the games in the '80's and 90's for both sides stunk. There's the 8-5 Falcons victory in 1994! I have no comments about the games from 1999-2003, games not close, just bad. 2004 saw the birds whoop up on the Rams in the regular season, 34-17, and of course, the awesome playoff game, 47-17.

The 2008 game at the ATL was good, the Rams hang in, but the birds prevailed, 31-27. I think that this game in STL on Sunday will be a 27-17 Falcons victory. The Rams are better, and will give the Falcons a game. Would love to see your comments on this series, and what games you remember best. Next week, I'll be covering the Packers.

I would like to thank Kashberry for his fine pic. Will be contributing for this post as long as I do it.

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