My Rest of the Season Predictions

Cincy- We win, but not by much and once again we will be called lucky by all. We are injured and Cincy is coming of a bye. We beat em WIN

TB- Coming off our bye, we should be a fresh, healthy bunch. We play extremely well coming off the bye. WIN

BAL- Our third game at home, we are riding the momentum coming off two wins in a row. Both team have lathargic offenses with good running backs. Game of defense and...well Bmore wins that battle. LOSE

@STL- This one is gonna be closer than you expect. STL's got some offensive fire these days and a middle of the road defense. Still we are clearly a better team and its an indoor game. WIN

GB- Wow, this is tough to call. Packers O-Line still seems to be suspect but then again, our whole offense is suspect. They do though, appear to be taking some steps back but i really cant call this. But since both teams are even in skill ill go with the home feild advantage WIN

@TB-always close games in tampa. this one kicks off a three game road trip but i still think we are too much for them. The saints beat em 24-6 in their house so we are more than capable. WIN

@CAR-We haven't won in carolina for a while now, but this year, they are not anywhere near who they were last year, which was an 8-8 football team. WIN

@SEA-Upset time. This is our third road game in a row and we're traveling to the West coast..not to mention in a cold icy stadium which is next to impossible to win in. LOSE

NO- Well simple logic says if we beat them on the road, we can beat em at home. Still, this is one of the greater rivalries in the league and it will like before come down to the final 2 minutes. WIN

CAR- Will they even have 5 wins at this point? We will have a playoff spot but will more than likely be competeing for homefeild advantage or the division title. So we will be giving it our absolute all against a very weak team at home. WIN

So i have us going 12-4, but it could easily be 11-5 with that toss up GB game. Either way, division winners or not, we will make the playoffs, especially with how weak the NFC is this year.

Playoff Standings

1. NY Giants (number 1 D in NFL and potent offense)

2. Falcons (Second highest record of division winners)

3.Packers (one game injuries have been killers for them as of now, they will recover)

4.Seattle (They will win the NFC West )

5. Saints (Minor injuries have also been a killer, they need all the peices to work)

6. Eagles ( was a toss up between the Bears, but the eagles are a much more complete team.)

Eagles @ Packers-Packers       Saints @ Seattle- Seattle   

Seattle @ Giants- Giants            Packers @ Falcons- Falcons

Falcons @ Giants- Giants


<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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