falcons are making highhhlllliiggghhhhtttsssss?

as we all know as falcons fans how much love we get. every commercial has a falcon in it destoying and giving them respect where it is earned. I would have to say that we are one of the most televised teams in the league. So have you said babababullshi@t out loud yet? As of just this year i have never seen more than two commercial with falcons in it, or if you look on youtube at peoples videos dealing with the nfl's greatest  _____. you never see the falcons. where am i going with this? well hop skip or jump now.......if you skip your probably a panthers fan so please stay out.


      last week we all probably heard about the never say never play of the week, and the one and only Whiteman took the preverbial cake with his strip for a TD after getting picked off. I knew that play had to at the very least make the list, where i saw a few of the candidates where peoples stats for the game. I thought it was a play not a game so they shouldnt have been candidates. Any rate, i just woke up and turned on epsn to their top ten plays in all sports yesturday. it showed julious peppers tipped intcp, then nduma....... SUH and his pick for a small gain. So i was getting jacked because thats what beirman did only put 6 on the board. As the number two played i started to get pissed, because i didnt think they were going to show it, but i guess you know where this story is going since i am writing a post about it.

RojoHombre broke into the film room at espn where the top ten was being made. With a smirk on his face he slowly walked towards the epsn workers.

 "you can not stop his hombre, you are too late the list is almost done and no falcons for you".

      the espn workers rip of their pink suits off to reveal a bucs, panthers, and taints jerseys. "now do you understand while   the falcons never make highlights, muhahahahahahaha".

 Hombre glanced behind them and said tell that to him mang".

       they turned around to be in the shadow of a bahemoth with a big smile and a crutch in his hand.

      "oh no its SPPPOOOOOOOONNNNNN". they squealed as they were impaled by his crutch. Rojo and spppppppooooon sat down at the controls after the battle and set the computer to pick the best plays with out bias and left never to be seen again. FIN

If you havent guessed it yet, we got the numba one with beirman. So that is back to back for us, its like having back to back winning seasons, falcons RISE UP.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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