Could we truely see the Falcons at the Super Bowl?

Making it to the Super Bowl for every Falcons fan and quite frankly a fantasy for most but after we rose to 4-1 I started thinking. What if we did it? What if we got there? And who's gonna stop us?

I am going to make allot of generalizations about the Falcons fan base from my perspective, some people will/would have had different views but just bare with me.

At the start of the season I think most people thought we would take a back seat to the Saints again this year and though we had a great shot at making it to the playoffs and a 3rd consecutive winning season, I felt that we would end our season in similar fashion to our 2008 season, prematurely.

However after 5 weeks there is something different about this season, something that tells me we could go far, further then I thought probable as the start of the season.

After a tough loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers we have gone on a 4 game tear, sure there have been allot of close games but we have found ways of winning and this is primarily helped by a hugely improved defense, which I'll talk about later. But what is most important is that we beat the Saints, the Super Bowl champion Saints and we beat them... say what you will about our win but we got the W. Now I have been rambling but now I'll get to my main point.

Our team has been on fire defensively, we are leading the league in Interceptions with 10 over 5 games and we are tied 3rd for pass deflections, we are tied 8th for sacks and tied 11th for FF. These are very impresive stats. What is more impressive is that we have not just done this through one player, the whole defensive is contributing and playing great. We have 9 different player with int's with"C4" Moore the only player with 2. We have 6 different players with sacks to make up 11. This doesnt mean our team has no top players of defense, quite the opposite it means we have alot of very good players, who may be helped by Abraham or Robinson.

This new defense has been winning us games and with 11 more to go we can only hope that these already impressive numbers continue to increase. I won't speak about our offense as I feel that there is enough talk about the offensive stats and how we have our problems there while still winning games. I will say that Roddy White is a god and Turner is 4th in total rushing yards despite some complaints that he hasn't been playing as well as he could and also with the fact he shares runs with Jason Snelling is well also godly.

We have the Eagles up next which will be a challenge but they aren't a team we can't beat. With consistent play by everyone we could go to 5-1 but its the match ups down the stretch that I'm interested in.

Our schedule from here on out looks like this:

  • Eagles
  • Cinci
  • Bye
  • Tampa Bay
  • Baltimore
  • St Louis
  • Green Bay
  • Tampa Bay
  • Carolina
  • Seattle
  • Saints
  • Carolina

I think the toughest games we still have to face are Eagles, Cinci, Baltimore, Saints and Green Bay.

Say in the worst case scenario we lose all of those games? I doubt we will do that but for argument sake let say it happens. We go 10-6. That's all right, not great. And that is to say we win only 6 of 11 games. Chances are we can and will do better then that. Hell there isn't a game we are totally out matched here (note Greenbay's growing injury list). I say we can finish 13-3 and I don't think that is very unrealistic. We play most of our tough games at home and we are a team that is currently the best in the league according to'sstandings with a net point of +43. We keep up this form we can win the NFC no joke.


The main thing that would stop us winning the NFC obviously teams getting a better record. I can see these teams having a shot at beating our record but I'll also say why we can beat them:

  1. Bears
  2. Packers
  3. Saints

That is all. No joke. Even then the Packers and Bears are in the same division and also have to deal with the Vikings who although haven't started the season well are still a threat to get into the playoffs. As for the NFC East, well I don't think any team can beat our record mainly because they are all too good of teams that no team will break free and win the majority of the 6 games. Finally the Saints.... the dam Saints. Well we beat them once at the Superdome so who says we cant do it at the Georgia Dome? Also they are dropping games to the Cardinals, the same Cardinals that we beat like a dog. They aren't the Saints that won the Super Bowl last year.

I mean sure I'm so very bias towards the Falcons but hell why not, the Falcs are a great team and deserve the undying support of everyone regardless how one sided. But in my shallow minded opinion we could reach the Super Bowl. Winning however is a different matter altogether. This is a year when everything has been turned on its head, what we knew last year isn't true this year..... oh except Browns still suck. There are no super teams like the Saints or the Colts last year, there is just average. And we are the best of that so far.


I am sorry if there is anything that doesent make sense it's late in Australia

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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