Observations from Section 326: ATL vs WAS

What Had Me Screaming:

  • Is there any wonder why Dave and I have been bugging Atlanta Falcons.com editor J Moore about Tye Hill’s starter status? Yes, one play does not a star make, but he had the vision, wherewithal, and intestinal fortitude to take a deflected pass back fifty-four yards for the score. I’d say that’s a great start to a rejuvenated career. The Comrade, sirs and ladies, has seemingly done it again.
  • Michael Turner set the NFL's second best defense on fire for two long, tackle-breaking TD runs.
  • U.S.S. Babineaux set sail for Port Destroy Campbell and made it a successful journey two and a half times.
  • John Abraham went back to work, getting many hurries, taking Campbell out of the game, and sacking number 17 once.
  • Kroy Biermann tried to offer some Duff Light to Campbell on his way to a sacking of the former Auburn standout, but reneged on the offer after Campbell screamed like a girly-man before hitting the turf.
  • Chevis Jackson, though utterly silent in coverage, made a designed CB blitz look effortless. Easy sack for a speedy young man.
  • The Falcons putting up 31 points. When I looked up the series history last week, I was appalled by the lack of Falcon victory margins of more than ten points. This time the Falcons beat ‘em by 14, or two touchdowns. How’s having another W feel?
  • Mike Smith’s tenacity, passion, and courage in defense of the teams’ players. Get that man a top hat!

What Made Me Boo:

  • The number of empty seats. Yes, I know it’s not exactly a marquee matchup, but when Falcons gameday rolls around and you have tickets that you don’t plan to use, please give them away or sell them to FALCONS fans that will use them.
  • Our offense’s determination not to take advantage of opportunities. It’s happened three weeks in a row now. We come out guns blazing and score on our first possession. And then the offense goes to sleep until straits become dire. Complacency in play calling, fatigue, costly penalties, what have you. Whatever it is, it needs to be fixed. Against Carolina, we have to score at least two offensive touchdowns in the first half. There, goal set.
  • DeAngelo Hall.

What Ya’ll Seem to be Forgetting:

  • The defense, which looked very inept in the third quarter, was on the field for a total of 33:32. That’s more than two full quarters of football. Wouldn’t any defense take bad angles, not get a good push at the line, and not cover as well if they’ve been on the field a half hour?
  • Ryan did what he could against the league’s number 2 defense. And I think he did very well. Yes, he made some bad decisions and tap-danced out of the pocket too much, but he scored a TD and didn’t lose the ball (outside of the INT). It ain’t great, but it’ll do.

Some Pep for your Step

"The Falcons will be a tough out in January. And yes, they'll be playing football in January." – Peter King via 


tlozwarlock's Fan of the Game:

The lady who won the Quikrete Quik Cash contest. This is the first time in the contest's short four game history that anyone has won it (for the uninitiated: fan gets $1,000 per point the Falcons score on opening offensive possession). So that tells you a little about how slow our offense has started the previous three home games: no points on first offensive Dome possession until yesterday.

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