Falcons 36, Saints 24

(NOTE: I also posted this on The Beat Blog, but I felt it needed seen here as well.)


This was a good game, but some of the Saints fans (very specifically, SOME of them - I actually like the Saints fans more than most team's fans in the NFL, they seem to be very gracious and well mannered as a whole) need to stop denying that the Falcons had a chance. All of this about scoring 50 pts and having a bad night…utter bull crap. Yes, they did win, and I’m not trying to discredit that, but some haters also should recognize that the Falcons looked like the better football team for the majority of the game. We played excellently, and I can list several reasons that we didn’t win that had very little to do with our team as a whole, and rather, with individual players, and even more so, with the refereeing. And, to be fair, I’ll count what happened wrong with you guys as well.

Jason Elam and John Carney: 2 missed for Elam, 1 for Carney. That brings the score to 33 : 38

Roddy White interference for INT TD: Now it’s 33 : 31, Falcons ahead.

Miracle 68 Yard TD with Possible Interference: 29 : 31 now, since they would have likely made the FG. 26 : 31 if you want to be touchy.

Roddy White Defensive Interference in the End Zone: Back up to 33 : 31, or even 36 : 31. Falcons on top.

3rd and 5 Defensive Holding: Everyone knows it was crap, even the Saints-worshipping announcers. Give it up. You punt it, 7 points off the boards for the saints, and the score is 36: 24.

This is being generous and not counting the times the Saints held John Abraham – I counted at least 5.  But nothing’s definitive there. And Michael Jenkin’s drops don’t even count here. Nor does the miracle INT with a tip at the 10 yard line. It’s all up to interpretation.

So yes, I believe the Atlanta Falcons had every shot at winning the game by a double digit margin. Falcons 36, Saints 24. Not counting all the other bad calls. Or the huge break through run where Pierre Thomas got the TD in the first quarter – an easy stop, and yet we failed. Falcons had this game on their fingertips, and played some damn great football.  But this is all extremely obvious, extremely preventable stuff.  We had this, we won this, it sucks that it's over, but we showed just what type of a football team we are.  Finished through to the end.

I can’t wait till the Georgia Dome battle occurs.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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