Some Healthy Rosterbation

OK ... the deadline for declaring for the draft has come and gone. While declarees (or declarers?) can w/draw their names for a bit (I think 2 days - or it might be a week - speak up if you know), we now have a better idea of what our options are.

The first step for the Comrade/Smitty/Blank will be prioritizing our weaknesses. This is a process that probably already started, I would guess w/in 24 hours of the Cards loss. So what is our most pressing need? Run defense? Pass defense? Pass rush? My list would look like this (in descending order): 

5. Depth at the skill positions: I know Thomas Brown will be back. But I just don't see Snelling as a long-term option and it'd be nice to have a stable of backs, as opposed to having only one true every down back and one scat back that hasn't proven he can survive 25 carries a game. Also, a punt/kick returner with a little moxy would be nice.

4. Depth on the offensive line: Baker and Blaylock will be cornerstones on the left side of the line for a while (thank God). Baker has some catching up to do, but he'll be fine. As for the rest of the line, I'm satisfied, but we could use a little something something ... know what I'm sayin'? Dahl is a stud, he works hard, but hard work doesn't always compensate for lack of natural ability (ask Michael Butterworth). Moreover, anyone who watched the Cards game/cringed in despair everytime Clabo got completely beat and/or committed penalty after penality should be concerned about the Falcons bringing in some talented personnel (see: a really fat, quick, intelligent tackle younger than 25) this offseason. Finally, while I dug the red mohawk and I have mad respect for the guy, McClure is about 87 in center years (not including Mawae and Saturday - those guys are superhuman). I'd be nice to bring in the heir apparent at center this offseason.

3. Pass rush: Abe can't do it all. If we draft a kick ass ILB (I heard there's some dude named James who plays for some school in Ohio that might have a little bit of talent ...), maybe that problem is solved? Or maybe not.

2. Pass defense: Bring in Milloy's heir. Get us another quality corner. Thank you.

1. Run defense: Maybe Arthur will pay for us to put an add in the AJC. It would read something like, "Seeking adult male. Must weigh 350 pounds and run a 4.6 40. Bonus if you aren't on 'roids." Yeah ... that'll do.

What are your top five? Maybe (if you have time) provide a sentence or two or explanation. Or ... if you think I am brilliant and totally agree, well, that probably won't happen.


<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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