Things I Learned: ATL @ PHI

Yes, there was a bad call. Yes, I was angry at Jennings, the Ref, and to a lesser extent, Mike Smith for taking the TO thirteen seconds before the two minute warning. After reflection, however, I don't honestly consider this a terrible loss. We're 4-3 now, and honestly, that's amazing considering everything that happened to this team last year. We also showed that when it really matters, we can score and do it quickly. That moxie will translate into wins more often than not (evidence: Chicago game). It just so happened that our luck had run out in Philly. It was bound to. Now we can take a breather, rest up, and focus on showing this league that we will be a contender this year. Let's destroy those Raiders. Now, onto the bullets.

  • Ryan isn't always so "Ice"y. "Matty Ice" was nervous, no "but"s about it. He was playing the team he grew up cheering for. He made some bad throws, he made some good throws. He's not the invincible Iceman the press and analysts are making him out to be. However, this loss will not deflate him, it'll empower him as the season wears on.
  • Our Red Zone play needs further refinement. The score in the fourth quarter, with the offense in the desperate search for points, made a Red Zone score look easy. The previous trip, aided by baffling Eagles penalties, showed just how inexperienced this team is when on the edge of points. On second and goal half a yard away, instead of having Ryan or Turner punch the ball in, the Falcons call a throw by Ryan. Instead of seeing the lane in front of him, Matt throws up a high, lame duck pass in the general direction of a thoroughly covered White. What happens? Samuel takes the ball away. Opportunity missed. Just imagine what a score then would've done for the team's morale.
  • Finneran needs to take off the gloves. Seriously, how can you not catch that beautiful "hands-delivered" spiral by Matt in the endzone?
  • Norwood belongs on PRs. Yes, I know that might wind him a bit more but if you use Turner on the first two downs anyway, why not give Norwood extra touches? Jennings is not the answer . This makes the second or third game when a mistake he's made has cost us. I know he didn't touch the ball but he should have had the wherewithal to just let the ball bounce instead of "pulling the bat back a bit too late" so to speak. Norwood has shown the spark of being able to bring it to the house and doesn't run into defenses with that frightened shamble Jennings manages.
  • The no-huddle offense works, plain and simple. We need to see more of it.
  • The Wild-Cat doesn't work for the Falcons. Drop it, coaches.
  • Short yardage passes work well. More, please!
  • The loss of Anderson halted our pass rush.
  • Baker's absence was costly. Let's hope he's back very soon.
  • The OL needs better depth. Ryan was touched too much.
  • Abraham needs more reps. I know Smith wants him fresh to really press the QB but the man is just too good to use so infrequently.

What did you learn about our lovely Dirty Birds? Say it, don't spray it.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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